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As an artist, Lucy Kimbell is interested in the intersection between modern business practices and contemporary art. Central to her work is an attempt to find concrete and comparable measures for the conceptual and sometimes elusive qualities of thoughts and ideas. Working in a variety of media, she specifically negotiates intimate notions of identity and her value as an artist through the matter-of-fact language of business culture.

In her parallel career as a management consultant Kimbell has focused on the creative implementation of digital technologies within the corporate sphere, most recently through the partnership 'D&P', which was co-founded by the artist in 2001. Contributions to 'The Financial Times'; as the Four Minute Fellow at the Ruskin School, Oxford and assisting the Collaborative Arts Unit at the Arts Council of England, business has seen Kimbell articulate an area of contemporary art combining performance and new media.

Lucy Kimbell holds a B.Eng in Design and Appropriate Technology from University of Warwick; a MA Computing in Art and Design from Middlesex University and has attended an executive management course at Cranfield University School of Management. Recent works include: 'The LIX Index', as part of 'Slipstream', curated by Film and Video Umbrella; 'LIX-E/MiCCI', a performance measurement system at the Media Centre, Huddersfield commissioned by the Digital Research Unit; 'Software that outputs a voice that starts with a very large number and counts down to a very small number', originally commissioned by the Lux Gallery (2000) and 'Audit', a Book Works New Writing Series Commission 2001 to be published in 2002. Also forthcoming is the performance-installation 'Jobs for the Future' to be shown at 'Burning Bush 2', Dundee in May 2002.




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