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The LIX Index

Over the last twelve months, Lucy Kimbell has been meticulously recording details of her emotional, physical, psychological, sexual and artistic life and assessing the data against a series of 'performance indicators' on a personal index called the 'LIX Index'. This new, enhanced version of her 'LIX Index' website incorporates a host of new interactive features (such as allowing users to input their views about the LIX). Users can also track the 'state' of Lucy Kimbell against a range of other indices: is she performing better than the FTSE? Is she 'up' or 'down' against the average mean temperature in London? This inventive and engaging artwork highlights our contemporary obsession with statistics and offers further evidence of the blurring of the boundaries between 'private' and 'public'.

The LIX Index has been produced in collaboration with Visual designer: Carlo Tartaglia, Chief technology officer: Christian Glover-Wilson

The free LIX SMS service is supplied by UCP AG.








An Arts Council of England / Channel 4 Collaboration