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1998, kinetic installation
First shown in the 'Soda' group show at Lux Gallery, London, 'Chorus' comprises 72 electronic musical greetings cards mounted on the gallery wall. Each of these is opened by a mechanical arm, and the signal to open or close each card is determined by a piece of software that is in effect the conductor of the chorus. Together the cards perform a four-minute audio piece that uses the sounds built into them, including applause, electronic tunes, a baby crying, and a female orgasm.

1999-2000, performances, website, phone system, business plan, video

This mixed media project revolved around the launch of a new product — the V-I-P (or vibrating internal pager), a consumer electronic cult object. Through product launch events, a web site where you could configure and order your own V-I-P, a phone line where you could trigger calls to pagers, and the distribution of a business plan, the project intervened into contemporary debates about desire, technology and interaction. Product launches were held in London, Huddersfield, Glasgow, Manchester, Colchester and Sheffield during 1999-2000. The product launch events were a collaboration with writer/performer Lisa Gornick. Funded by the Arts Council's Combined Arts Projects Fund and TEST.

Software that outputs a voice that starts with a very large number and counts down to a very small number
2001, audio work
Originally commissioned by Lux Editions as a piece of software and an audio CD, this work was included in the group show 'Everything is Number' at the Site Gallery, Sheffield, between June and August 2001. Installed at Sheffield train station, the piece used a small piece of software that outputs the artist's voice counting down from a very large number to a very small number, and added another layer to the many audio and number systems that people might engage with in the station environment - platform details, timetables, announcements, phone calls etc. www.sitegallery.org

2002, artist's book
This artist's book, which exploits ideas within business and the arts to explore how value is measured and discussed, documents a process in which the artist conducts a personal audit. By means of a form designed by the artist, people who know her from different contexts are asked to respond to Kimbell's question 'What am I worth?' The book will include an analysis of the completed forms and transcripts of conversations with practitioners from disciplines such as management consulting, accountancy, cultural theory and psychoanalysis about the nature of the audit itself. Commissioned by Book Works for its New Writing Series. To be published Summer 2002. www.bookworks.org.uk


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