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This short film work (in the form of a digitised, downloadable movie) continues Al-Ani's subtle and evocative investigations into memory and narrative. The piece features Al-Ani, her mother and three sisters framed against a stark, black background. The women are locked in an endless flow of hushed, circulating exchanges that recall a game of Chinese Whispers. Al-Ani often uses her family as performers in her work, drawing on their collective past and experience to give an alternative perspective on wider social and political issues.

Thanks to: Ann Al-Ani, Nadia Al-Ani, Norah Al-Ani, Shatha Al-Ani, David A Bailey, Suky Best, Gilly Booth, Lucinda Clark, Paul Coldwell, Roland Denning, Kaf Dufault, James Evans, Massumeh Farhad, Richard Hylton, Ann Jones, Mary Lowthian, Simon Moretti, Cynthia Morrison-Bell, Effie Paleologou, Monika Pampus, Anoop Patel Deborah Robinson, Suhail Suleiman, Bettina von Zwehl, Rachel Withers.

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An Arts Council of England / Channel 4 Collaboration