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One Day and All of the Night
1996, website
A web cam project made for World Aids Day 1996. Using web cams in Sydney, Budapest, New York and Vancouver, the piece was live for 24 hours from midnight to midnight UTC on 1st December 1996. Commissioned by ArtAids, London.

The 10 Point Plan for a Better Helsinki
1998, artist's drawings
A series of drawings created with ten residents of Helsinki in response to the questions 'what would make for a better Helsinki?' and 'what would you put on a web site to make this change more likely to happen?' The work was created during a residency at KIASMA, Helsinki and exhibited at KIASMA as part of 'Mobile Zones', MuuMediaFestival 98. The project was available as a pdf bookwork .

The Citizens
1999, web pages and artist's book
A collection of personal homepages hand-rendered as gouache on typodetail paper, redigitised and released onto the internet as an electronic book. Published by Book Works and Artec in an initial edition of one paper copy and 1000 numbered files.

2000, website
A cybersquatting project in which Crowe bought the domain names of 29 public and commercial London galleries, and built them a web ring of connecting sites.

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