RE-FRESH_ is a participatory work that forms a continuum with Erika Tan's other investigations into colour coding and early Victorian racial classifications. It is a development from a previous screen saver project: SAVING FACE, which used the metaphor of the unconscious to explore the possible individualisation and racialisation of computer interfaces ( RE-FRESH_ was originally produced as a collaboration between Erika Tan (artist) and Ian Kerrigan (dna designer), Karl Bunyan (dna programmer), Nadine Kennedy (dna project manager). This version of RE-FRESH is an archived version of the site, which functions as a gallery but does not include the original functionality of the site such as the ability to download the screensavers, wallpapers and icons. RE-FRESH_ was part of i>dentinet, a Channel Four and Arts Council of England collaboration. Managed and commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella.